Quality Improvement of MH



  • Coordinating and integrating quality improvement activities in the hospital
  • Developing a comprehensive program quality improvement of hospital in clinical and non-clinical situations (management, financial affairs, medical services, nursing services, general services and support, paraclinical services)
  • Developing hospital systems and processes based on the principles of designed quality improvement.
  • Developing important specific, measurable, achievable and timely performance indicators for different processes of hospital
  • Monitoring quality improvement program, data, management actions and interventions continuously through analysis of indicators
  • Preparing the annual report of program of quality improvement
  • Developing and implementing a policy for handling suggestions, criticisms and complaints in the hospital
  • Developing the strategic plan of the hospital under the guidance of the executive management team of the hospital
  • Determining and publishing the mission statement of the hospital in different offices of the hospital
  • Following up and coordinating the implementation of accreditation standards in different offices of the hospital
  • Developing annual operational plan for coordinated and integrated promotion of quality improvement programs, promoting patient safety in line with the accreditation model
  • Making a comprehensive system of risk management of hospital
  • Making a system for reporting medical errors in the hospital
  • Approving and communicating the policy and methods received from different offices of the hospital
  • Implementing and monitoring the comprehensive audit program of the hospital
  • Notifying and coordinating in the implementation of clinical medicine guides in different offices of the hospital
  • Coordinating the holding of hospital committees and monitoring the implementation of approvals