Research Priorities

  • Designing, producing, optimizing, purifying and evaluating recombinant proteins and biosimilars with medicinal and diagnostic purposes.
  • Designing, discovering and producing anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-pain peptides, tumor detection and immunomodulatory peptides.
  • Designing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products based on nanotechnology
  • Designing and producing poly and monoclonal antibodies and nanobodies with therapeutic and diagnostic purposes
  • Immunoinformatics studies in order to design and manufacture new generation and recombinant vaccines, tumor markers and diagnostic molecules in infectious diseases
  • Identifying, using and formulating the effective ingredients of medicinal plants (phytochemicals) and evaluating their medicinal properties
  • Studies based on advanced technologies include in silico drug design, chemo-informatics, machine learning algorithms, RNAi, NGS, aptamers, small molecules and Crisper/Cas9.
  • Using tissue engineering, nanotechnology and microfluidic technologies to design and manufacture cell culture scaffolds, wound dressings, targeted drug delivery and optimizing the release of medicinal and biological factors.
  • Designing, manufacturing and evaluating all kinds of molecular kits to diagnose genetic and infectious diseases and commercial recombinant products.