Research Priorities

Research Priorities on Food Science and Industry

  • Evaluating the rate of chemical, microbial, biological contaminants in food products
  • Investigating the antimicrobial, anticancer, genetic, chemical and medicinal properties of herbal medicine in Semnan province
  • Using the nanotechnology and new methods in the production of beverages and cosmetics
  • Providing new methods in reducing metal and chemical contaminants, chemical, pharmaceuticals and biological residues in food
  • Using various types of active packaging, films and antimicrobial edible coatings in food production
  • Producing the healthy and useful foods for certain people and patients
  • Checking and feasibility of food production using biological resources
  • Producing, evaluating and optimizing the production of products with food, medicinal and cosmetic applications of plants and microorganisms
  • Checking the microbial and drug resistance of pathogenic food microorganisms
  • Checking all types of food fraud, including preservatives, additives, unauthorized raw materials, etc.
  • Checking the characteristics of probiotic products with native probiotic potential in Semnan province
  • Checking of the promotion of food safety and assessing the risk of food products
  • Evaluating the chemical, biological, physical properties and contaminants of edible salt
  • Checking the efficiency of modern methods of purification and production of edible salt


Research Priorities on Nutrition

  • Evaluating the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of various diseases (diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease ..)
  • Recognizing the micronutrients and nutritional factors affecting health
  • Studying the relationship between nutritional pattern and diseases: chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.
  • Recognizing and analyzing the determinants of food safety, nutritional health, food security, nutritional health status of the community and studying the methods of intervention to improve them
  • Studying the eating habits, eating patterns in different groups (children, mothers, athletes, etc.)
  • Studying the special nutritional needs of people of Semnan province according to climatic conditions, genetics, ethnicity and other influential factors
  • Evaluating the strategies for improving and correcting nutrition of hospital
  • Evaluating the programs of improvement of nutrition in the health system
  • Studying the weight disorders, identifying and analyzing the determinants, methods of intervention and their evaluation
  • Studying the developmental and nutritional disorders in children and infants
  • Reverse epidemiology in nutrition and social behavior


Research Priorities on Management of Health Services

  • Evaluating and improving the quality of processes related to the production, storage and supply of food
  • Controlling the quality of food
  • Performance based on evidences in quality and health of food