Responsibilities of Infrastructure of IT


Development and Maintenance of Network Infrastructure

  • Providing the appropriate infrastructure to launch the software required by the university
  • Improving the speed and stability of the network of affiliated centers according to the development plan
  • Feasibility study for updating hardware and software
  • Studying and developing related network and software to increase productivity
  • Optimizing network to increase user satisfaction
  • Preparing a schedule for visiting and updating equipment
  • Developing a suitable platform for access to services at any time and place according to policies of SEMUMS
  • Monitoring and controlling network using network management tools
  • Feasibility study for network platform development
  • Developing guidelines and standards for service delivery and network infrastructure security


Backup and Maneuver

  • Preparing a schedule to back up important and vital information
  • Holding various maneuvers to improve the level of preparedness in times of crisis



  • Developing instructions for coding hardware assets in the field of information technology
  • Coding hardware assets in the field of information technology
  • Preparing and updating network equipment documentation
  • Developing the required instructions according to the general policies of the office


Supporting and Monitoring

  • Establishing information technology management system to monitor hardware, software and information assets
  • Monitoring the update process of all hardware and software assets
  • Supporting and maintaining the university wireless network
  • Investigating and monitoring vulnerabilities based on the latest reports
  • Controlling and monitoring the telecommunication bandwidth of the affiliated offices


Data Center

  • Developing and maintaining processing and storage infrastructure
  • Controlling and monitoring hardware and software resources