Responsibilities of Research and Technology:


  • Administrating and supervising the implementation of all research and technology affairs, libraries and databases of the institution, in accordance with the relevant approvals, regulations and bylaws.
  • Planning and policy-making in order to promote and increase the level of scientific and international cooperation
  • Prioritizing innovation in the field of theory and applied research needed by the country
  • Developing, strengthening and guiding approved research projects with the priority of targeted applied research based on the vision document of the country's development programs and the comprehensive scientific map of the country
  • Controlling and monitoring the institute's research processes based on the calendar determined in the plan of approved research and research projects.
  • Studying in the field of evaluating research activities and evaluating the annual research performance of the institute to be presented to the head of the institute
  • Making the necessary relationship with domestic and foreign institutions in order to cooperate in research matters and exchange scientific services
  • Cooperating in providing scientific, cultural and social services, holding scientific seminars and conferences, implementing all research and service contracts between the institute and other institutions
  • Cooperating in the implementation of short-term research courses for non-academic institutions
  • Planning for the faculty members to use study opportunities inside and outside the country (both seminary and university scientific research centers) according to the approved criteria.
  • Preparing the research program of the institute, presenting the objectives, determining the research priorities of medium and long-term programs, supporting the foundation of growth centers, entrepreneurship and science and technology parks for the proposal in the specialized research council of the institute
  • Reviewing and evaluating the activities of the institute in the framework of the country's growth and development plans. They are based on the goals of the country's vision document and development plans, and the comprehensive scientific map of the country in the higher education sector for the plan in the board of directors.
  • Identifying and defining common research-scientific topics and programs, planning to provide facilities, allocating the necessary credit for the scientific-research interaction of the field and the university, creating a suitable environment to achieve religious science and Islamic humanities suitable for the specialized field of the institute.

Eligible experts of this deputy work and cooperate together to perform mentioned responsibilities.