Security and Guarding of VH




  • The shift manager is in charge of the shift during non-working hours and holidays, and his location is the Emergency door.
  • Carrying out the tasks assigned by the supervisor in the office of Security and physical protection in evening and night shifts.
  • Preparing a report at the end of the shift accurately and the cases that need to be reported and informing the relevant authorities about what is happening.
  • Issuing a companion card for patients who need companion with the coordination of the hospital supervisor and the shift manager of each ward.
  • Inspecting all parts of the hospital (medical wards, facility, administrative and peripheral sections) and preparing a report (in case of dealing with suspicious cases, be sure to inform the relevant official).
  • Controlling the entry and exit of all personnel and registering all traffic in the relevant forms
  • Inspecting guard and guardians’ sites during the shift.
  • Following up on guard deficiencies and reporting to the relevant official
  • Preparing a list and round of wards, and sending the statistics of Covid 19 patients to the relevant authorities
  • Informing the relevant authorities about issues such as quarrels, poisonings, conflicts and statistics in all shifts
  • Following up the conflicts that occurred in the hospital from the beginning to the end and preparing reports and minutes to the relevant authorities
  • Preventing patients from leaving the hospital without settlement and patients’ suit
  • The guardians must explain to the companions and patients about valuables upon arrival, patients and companions are responsible for personal property.
  • The entry of cameramen and photographers for film or news is possible only with the coordination of the authorities
  • Guardians must be present at their workplace a quarter before the start of the shift
  • Using a mobile phone while on duty is forbidden.
  • The guardian should not leave his place of work, except in emergencies with the coordination of the relevant official