The Office of Software intends to analyze, design, program, develop, document and maintain software, using technical and practical methods of computer science, engineering, project management, application range, interface design, digital equipment management and other fields. Its activity will have a great impact on the productivity of the performance of the experts of different offices.

It strives to provide, implement, and maintain software to advance the policies and tasks of the SEMUMS with the use of technical knowledge of its analysts and in form of determined requirements within a specified time and predicted budget.


  • Checking out and assessing software needs required by the organization through continuous study and submission of written analytical reports
  • Analyzing system by experts to order and implement appropriate applications in the offices
  • Implementing and launching purchased applications
  • Training university users and experts to use applications related to tasks of the office
  • Managing, maintaining and servicing database
  • Supporting, debugging and updating the applications available in the university
  • Supervising the design and implementing designed software, cooperating with the designers of the contracting party in order to ensure the correct implementation of the provisions of the concluded contracts.
  • Preparing and maintaining documentation of software designed or purchased for better support
  • Supervising the conclusion of contracts for the purchase and ordering of software
  • Focusing on selecting, purchasing and designing network and web software according to the latest technology and university facilities
  • Upgrading the technical and scientific knowledge of the software group, in order to acquire the necessary capabilities in designing and supporting network and web software
  • Planning to produce scientific, educational and research software for the educational and research mission of the SEMUMS
  • Preparing and adjusting (RFP) to document the expectations and needs of the office, from the requested software
  • Monitoring and following up the process of preparing backup files of software periodically and archiving them