Department of Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy or Speech and Language Pathology is one of the independent disciplines of rehabilitation science that examines the nature of various speech and language disorders as well as methods of diagnosing and treating these disorders from birth to old age. Swallowing is also a specialty of speech therapists.



During their studies, students of basic medical sciences include anatomy and physiology, histology, pathology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, genetics, sound physics, developmental and learning psychology, linguistics and phonology with an emphasis on speech and language systems. They then take courses on the pathologies of various speech and language disorders, including neurological and neurological diseases, ear, nose and throat, child and adolescent psychiatry, pathology, and the assessment and treatment of developmental speech and language disorders, speech disorders, and disorders. Sound and aggravation, stuttering, aphasia and swallowing and then to During the last four semesters, different clinical units are spent in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics under the supervision of clinical professors, and in the last semester, they graduate by presenting a research project as a speech therapist. The Medical System Organization and the Medical System Number Organization can work as clinical speech therapists in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. It is also possible to continue your studies if you wish to pursue a master's degree and PhD in the country.



Semnan University of Medical Sciences Speech Therapy Department has been working as the second educational group simultaneously with the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences and Tehran University of Medical Sciences since October 1993 with the admission of students in undergraduate courses.

Academic Staff:


Jalal Bakhtiari Assistant prof CV
Masoumeh Salmani Assistant prof CV
Fatemeh Kasbi MSc CV
Maryam Mokhlessin MSc CV
Mojgan Asadi Assistant prof CV
Seyed Abolfazl Tohidast Assistant prof CV

Head of Department:

Dr Seyed Abolfazl Tohidast