Steps to File the Candidates


Guide for submitting the documents of the candidates of contract faculty members of Semnan University of Medical Sciences


Applicants must do the following:

  • Preparing a Clear book and then putting the documents in the order of the uploaded file in the Recruitment System (at the bottom of all pages, the number of uploaded file in the system should be inserted and signed)
  • It is mandatory to enter the applicant's details, including name and surname, degree and field of application, and contact number on the cover of the Clear book.


Please attach the following documents:

  • Original completed questionnaire (profile form of faculty member)
  • Copies of all pages of the identity card
  • Four pieces of endorsed 3×4 photos (taken this year, full faced photo)
  • Copy of National Card (both sides)
  • Copy of card of completion of Military Services, or permanent exemption, or completion of emergency period (24 months) (for men).
  • Original certificate of self-sacrifice if eligible.




  • In Table 6, which is related to the publication of articles, the first page of the article and the document related to the index (related to the time of publication of the article) should be attached.
  • In Table 8, which is related to compilation and translation of books, a copy of the book with all documents of its judgement and points of Publishing Council should be attached.
  • Only submitted documents that have already been uploaded to the Recruitment System will be awarded points. Therefore, please not to send any other documents except the documents uploaded in the system.



  • In addition to submitting all the mentioned documents physically, please submit the electronic file of all mentioned documents on the CD.


Address: Secretariat of Executive Board of Recruitment, Third floor of headquarter of SEMUMS, Basij Blvd, Semnan, Iran.

Postal Code:  3514799442

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