Strategic Plan



We aim to improve the health and lifestyles of the people by training the efficient and capable human resources in the field of medical sciences, while meeting the needs of the society to specialized people.

We want to benefit from appropriate and new technology, detailed educational planning and supervising, and preserving human value and dignity in order to promote the quantitative and qualitative of education of medical, paramedical and health departments through education and training of capable human resources in SEMUMS.



  • Developing and strengthening educational spaces
  • Upgrading existing majors and developing postgraduate majors in the medical and paramedical departments
  • Improving the educational situation in the university and strengthening the existing majors
  • Increasing the training of efficient human resources to improve the health of the community
  • Improving the training management process of SEMUMS
  • Improving the quality of performance of faculty members of SEMUMS
  • Increasing the knowledge and skills of graduates
  • Empowering faculty members and improving the quality of education through research in education
  • Developing the information technology and more communicating with stakeholders with the mission of the Center of Study and Development of Education of SEMUMS
  • Designing and settling of study and development courses for medical education in educational courses
  • Improving the monitoring and evaluating system in various fields (professors, students, programs, educational courses, etc.)
  • Increasing the participation of the participants in the planning of the University Continuing Education Center in person and non-in person