Strategic Plan



Damghan Hospital, as the only active hospital unit in the city, has played an important role in fulfilling the missions defined for the country's health system. Therefore, the educational and research unit of this hospital intends to provide the basis for solving research-based problems at the management, staff and students by creating motivation and spreading the culture of thinking. It also intends to rely on an efficient and competent force to meet regional and national scientific needs. Therefore, it has the following items at the top of its agenda and is responsible for these matters:


  • Training of specialized and qualified human resources in medical and paramedical fields
  • Upgrading the scientific-research level
  • Training and empowering researchers and scholars
  • Increase research capacity in the organization
  • Produce applied and effective knowledge through research in fields related to health sciences
  • Publication of research results and writings of researchers nationally and internationally
  • Focus of research on health problems of the province and the region to achieve maximum effectiveness and productivity)



Creating motivation and problem-solving thinking based on research at the level of management, staff and students of the university and relying on the efficient and competent force of faculty members, students and experts with emphasis on transcendent Islamic values, observing the principles of research ethics and justice in line with real needs and National and regional policies and a comprehensive scientific map of the country and in accordance with the culture of the province, are responsible for the following main missions and missions:


  • Conducting basic, applied research and development related to health and biotechnology
  • Upgrading the scientific-research level
  • Increase the organization's ability to conduct research
  • Publication of research results and writings of researchers nationally and internationally
  • Prioritize the solution of health problems in the province and the region to achieve maximum efficiency of research results
  • Training and empowering researchers and scholars


Goals and Plans

  • (Improving the qualitative and quantitative level of university educational and research services) Determining research priorities in the form of medium and long-term plans for the project in the University Research Council
  • Planning and supervising the publication of scientific journals and the publication of writings or translations of books by university faculty members
  • Directing, coordinating and supervising the activities of the University Student Research Center
  • Preparing, proposing and approving various research regulations with the help of relevant officials and supervising their proper implementation
  • Cooperation in providing scientific services and holding seminars and scientific conferences and implementing all matters of research contracts between the university and other institutions
  • Necessary reviews and decision-making on organizational and basic user research activities
  • Necessary studies in the field of evaluation of research activities and evaluation of the annual research performance of the university
  • Signing a memorandum of understanding with domestic and foreign institutions in order to cooperate in research affairs and exchange scientific services based on organizational criteria
  • Arranging and reviewing the scientific research role of the university
  • Department of University affiliated and affiliated research units
  • Cooperation in providing scientific, cultural and social services and holding scientific seminars and conferences
  • Collaborate on short-term research courses for other non-academic institutions
  • Creating appropriate and necessary fields for the development of scientific and research projects
  • Increasing the university's share in the production, development and transfer of science and technology



  • (Adherence to Islamic and human values with a focus on ethical principles in education and research)
  • Preserving and adhering to Islamic-human values and the centrality of ethics principles in all research and institutionalizing ethics in research
  • Attention to (theorizing) and (increasing) production of science and technology
  • Honoring research and honoring the high position of researchers
  • (Creating the field of group work and increasing the spirit of teamwork in the field of science and research)
  • Emphasis on group activity and high teamwork spirit, cooperation and scientific and research cooperation inside and outside the university
  • Attempts to organize projects based on the needs of the community with collective participation
  • Provide facilities for researchers and create a dynamic environment to achieve scientific goals
  • Paying attention to the applicability of research results in order to promote community health
  • Decision-making and research-based decision making