Strategic Plan of the Clinical Research Development Center


Clinical Research Development Center of Kosar Hospital seeks to increase the research capabilities, encourage and attract the participation of faculty members, assistants, medical and paramedical students, and staff of the hospital in order to develop clinical research development and direct them to priorities, promote the quality and quantity of research articles. Therefore, this center can increase the boundaries of knowledge and improve the community health. To reach these aims, this center provides financial support, necessary facilities of clinical research, holds workshops and educational programs related to research, provides and presents research consulting.


Clinical Research Development Center of Kosar Hospital aims to create the best clinical research development department in conducting clinical research, presenting the best scientific articles and applied innovations in clinical fields in the country. Therefore, it can improve the community health, achieve internal independence and self- reliance in clinical science.


  • Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, all universities of medical sciences and all state and private universities, research centers and pharmaceutical companies and ...
  • Faculty members, professors, assistants, medical and paramedical students and staff of Kosar Educational, Therapeutic and Research Center of Semnan, as well as all professors, faculty members and students of the country's universities, as well as all researchers interested in conducting clinical research in cooperation with this center
  • Patients and all sections of society who benefit from the results of research.