Stress Laboratory

Stress Laboratory is basically engaged with molecular and histological studies after a period of chronic stress. My main interest is studying the neuroenocrinological bases of alterations that chronic stress induces on the brain morphology and function. In this regard, the neuropsychological disturbances, such as “depression” is of the particular interest to me. The scope of my interest also extends to cognitive modulations at the behavioral and cellular levels, which are provoked by periods of chronic stress. Currently, we are examining the “chronic unpredictable mild stress, CUMS” and “chronic constriction stress” models to enforce the changes in rodent mood and cognition, in respective order. Then brains are taken for the protein assays, using western blot and immunohistochemistry, to detect further molecular alterations and also histological studies for studying the morphological modulations.


Katayoun Sedaghat, PhD, Assistant Prof. in Neuroscience/physiology