Student Affairs

Head of Student Affairs:

Kohzad Javadi far


In line with the goals of the SEMUMS, the Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs strives to provide and upgrade facilities to optimize the living space. Also, it provides the minimum basic needs for all students.

Providing and promoting a healthy environment to increase and improve students' mental activities is one of the most important student affairs.


The main goals of this department are:

  • Providing and promoting facilities to meet basic needs such as food, health, transportation, scholarships, various loans, insurance to free the minds of students from the relevant conflicts
  • Providing the best opportunity to study or maximize welfare through strategic plans
  • Increasing a sense of responsibility and developing student skills and participation by helping students to find jobs
  • Facilitating students' ongoing monitoring of decisions and current affairs through the formation of a union council and direct communication with all students
  • Creating the necessary facilities to meet part of the cultural and scientific needs by creating a study hall and library in all university dormitories