Head of Support and Welfare Affairs 

Mohammadreza Alibabaei

MA. Financial Management

Telephone: 023-33441022 

Internal NO: 2041


  • Creating the ground for participation of non-governmental sector activities in investments
  • Institutionalizing research and development in activities of support services affairs
  • Using opportunities optimally and eliminating threats in the field of support services
  • Upgrading the evaluation indicators of transferable affairs by type of assignment
  • Providing equal opportunity for all applicants to participate in tenders and auctions
  • Improving and upgrading work processes in support services
  • Supervising the optimization of the existing physical spaces of the SEMUMS in coordination with other relevant offices
  • Creating a database of statistics and information in the field of support services
  • Improving the training of methods of maintenance of installation systems, and monitoring relevant assignments
  • Creating a suitable platform for using Iranian goods in order to support domestic producers
  • Upgrading the method of needs assessment and purchasing medical equipment of affiliated offices
  • Facilitating ongoing processes and exiting from centralized system problems
  • Planning purchase and supervising insurances required by individuals and property of SEMUMS
  • Supervising the continuous implementation of specialized committees for support services and using operational strategies of the committees
  • Planning, needs assessing and implementing specialized and job training of support service staff
  • Providing and delivering supplies, equipment, consumables and office supplies required by headquarters managements
  • Supervising the implementation of public services and matters related to the maintenance and landscaping of the central headquarters and all affiliated offices