Systems and Methods


Fatemeh Teymori

Organizational Post: Expert

MA. Industrial Management



  • Checking out and improving all processes, systems, executive systems of the SEMUMS continuously
  • Identifying new organizational systems and methods related to university activities and monitoring its proper implementation
  • Controlling and evaluating drafts of circulars, regulations, instructions of all university offices with the participation of experts of the relevant office
  • Creating a platform and implementing organizational excellence systems, productivity development, system of beauty and quality management (EFQM, VOC, QFD, ISO, 5S, hospital accreditation, etc.) in the university
  • Checking and analyzing organization to create a structure based on the needs of the organization
  • Determining the specifications and standards of office equipment
  • Checking out the methods of allocating space in order to provide a useful physical space for employees
  • Establishing and implementing new systems in the university
  • Activating in the field of research, development and performing the executive affairs of the relevant committee
  • Analyzing job, assessing merit and competence of individuals, preparing job description and responsibilities
  • Cooperating and participating in mechanization of all methods of work
  • Performing all matters related to the Journal of Engineering of Process
  • Detecting complications, revising, reorganization and re-engineering of work processes in the university
  • Monitoring, controlling and updating the managers 'database and answering the offices’ inquiries
  • Creating a culture at all organizational levels and ensuring the promotion of awareness of systems and methods
  • Supervising and monitoring the correct implementation of the organizational processes of the university continuously