Training Office of Motamedi Hospital


Training Supervisor

Ms. Fatemeh Madah


Coordinator of Training Affairs

Ms. Zohre Ashtari


The mission of the Train of Motamedi Hospital is to strengthen the staff working in the hospital by improving their scientific level, professional training, educating patients and their companions about self-care. This office is managed under the supervision of the hospital's training supervisor. In each of the hospital's wards, training connectors are in line with the office’s policies.


The following measures are taken in Train of Motamedi Hospital to achieve the training goals:

  • Determining the training needs of employees based on the type of work and job duties of employees, according to the officials of the offices, the goals of the organization, the target community and their needs
  • Assessing training needs, prioritizing them and announcing priorities to the Committee of Education of university to coordinate and obtain the necessary permits
  • Holding training courses in two in-department forms (conference, in-person) or centralized with the cooperation of professors and related experts
  • Suggesting the preparation of books, pamphlets and teaching aids to raise the level of awareness of employees
  • Coordinating to attend continuing training classes and coordinating video conferencing
  • Proposing to create incentives for active participation of staff in training activities
  • Cooperating and participating in monitoring and controlling offices to assess the training needs of staff and clients
  • Guiding and training employees in the implementation of training programs of relevant offices
  • Guiding and training employees to prepare training pamphlets for staff and clients
  • Controlling and supervising the active participation of all nursing staff (in different shifts) in training programs


Responsibilities in the field of personnel training:

  • Developing and implementing an in-department training program based on PDP and notifications from the training supervisor
  • Holding in-departmental tests and taking corrective measure if the appropriate score is not obtained
  • Interacting bilaterally with the head nurse regarding the implementation of instructions and justification of new staff (implementation of the proposed weekly program and holding related tests, monitoring effectiveness and corrective measure)
  • Identifying common diseases of the ward, preparing a training booklet for common patients hospitalized to the ward for the training of staff and patients
  • Presenting actively in meetings and following up on assigned matters
  • Submitting performance report (quantitative evaluation and determination of the effectiveness index of the provided trainings) to the training office every three months
  • Holding personnel competency tests and performing effectiveness and corrective measure
  • Completing delivery checklists and submitting them to the training office
  • Studying and training the staff and archiving new instructions and notifications
  • Investigating the problems of the learning process, implementing therapeutic measures and providing constructive suggestions


Responsibilities in the field of patient training:

  • Coordinating continuously in the field of training patients with the head nurse and training supervisor
  • Planning and conducting training needs assessment of ward patients
  • Prioritizing training needs performed
  • Designing training programs based on training needs assessment
  • Proposing training programs of ward in coordination with the head nurse to the nursing management
  • Implementing patient training programs based on needs assessment performed after approval and notifying them to nursing services management
  • Planning and participating in designing pamphlets and educational booklets based on standards, and preparing an educational database
  • Predicting the required financial resources and facilities based on priorities
  • Participating and monitoring the implementation of patient training programs in the ward
  • Evaluating and determining the effectiveness of the training provided using the checklists notified by the Ministry (to be sent to the training office to provide feedback to the deputy of treatment by the twentieth of each month)