Treatment and Health group


  • Managing and supporting comprehensive HIS hospital software
  • Analyzing and studying in order to expand HIS services, covering all medical services and patient records
  • Analyzing, assessing feasibility and preparing appropriate documents for new applications, sending and following up from the contractor company and informing the information technology office of the university
  • Monitoring the performance of personnel in the field of hospital information system (HIS) and determining the exact levels of user access (according to security issues and the center's suggestions)
  • Preparing a backup file and setting the appropriate schedule in this regard (Backup)
  • Reporting problems to the relevant contractor company and following it up to get the result
  • Tracking the cycle of people (users) leaving or entering the hospital information system (HIS) to ensure the application of user access levels
  • Supporting and expanding Pacs system, and accessing to digital radiology images, CT scan, MRI of patients in HIS system to remove videos in the collection
  • Following up and solving problems of sending files to the SEPAS system of the Ministry of Health