The Cancer Research Center succeeded in obtaining a principled agreement from the Development Council of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education on Tuesday 17 March 2015.



This center aims to do basic research in the fields of epidemiology, biology, diagnosis and treatment of cancers and non-infectious diseases, promote knowledge, scientific and practical abilities of all members of this center in order to provide the best diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients. Also, it aims to improve medical knowledge and answer questions in all areas of knowledge related to cancer and other diseases.



The Cancer Research Center aims to deal with basic and clinical exposure with cancer and all components of the cancer control system (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care-rehabilitation) by the efforts of experienced researchers, cooperation of experts, and in accordance with the latest scientific and research findings. Other missions of this center include: improving the level of knowledge of cancer epidemiology, improving the level of knowledge of the epidemiology of common cancers in the world and Iran, improving the level of cancer etiological factors, improving methods to reduce the prevalence of cancer, improving knowledge of various types of cancer treatment, improving patients' quality of life in the pre-treatment and post-treatment stages, training of people (healthy nutrition - avoiding risk factors - annual diagnostic tests and regular screening - follow-up to diagnosis and treatment), improving the level of specialized knowledge in the field of cancer in medical universities of Iran. Also, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the field of non-infectiou diseases have been considered.


Research Lines

Diagnosis and treatment of various cancers and hematologic malignancies, non-infectious diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Equipment and Capabilities

Skills in various methods of cell purification, cell culture, cell proliferation and death, immunotherapy and cell therapy, gene expression, animal studies, clinical trials, and more.

Culture room, flow cytometer, Real time PCR and Western blotting