Food Safety Research Center (Salt) seeks to improve the health and food safety of the community by conducting research, educational and consulting activities. Therefore, the center approves research projects based on research priorities, equips its research laboratories and provides them to researchers, provides educational and research services to faculty and students, provides laboratory services and advising related industries, expands research cooperation with other research centers and domestic and foreign knowledge-based companies, registers and commercializes new products and methods in the field of food industry and nutritional sciences, as well as advises community in the field of healthy nutrition style.


This center intends to become the largest and reputable research center in the north and northeast of the country in the field of applied research related to food health and safety by using its capabilities, and collaborate with reputable international organizations in the field of food health and safety (such as the FDA, EU Commission, etc.) and the subsequent continuous expansion of quantitative and qualitative scientific and executive relations with them.



  • Community oriented
  • Customer Oriented
  • Evidence-based performance
  • Information-based management
  • Team work
  • Ethics
  • Justice oriented