Research Center of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Research priorities                                     

1. To compare the Metoformin and Clomiphene with plasbo and Clomiphen to induce ovulation in patients with polycystic ovarium with resistance to insulin

2. The relationship of the probability of Corticosteroids injectioninto the joint and abnormal uterine bleeding at the ages of Menopage

3. The effect of Trans-Exomic Acid on the bleeding after delivery

4. The comparative investigation of the therapeutic effect of Megestroleasetat with Letrozole in the treating the endometrial hyperplasia.

5. The effect of Letrozole in treating the uterine Myoma in women at the ages of


6. Comparison of the Rate of AUB prevalence and bleeding patterns in overweight patients without PCOS with women having the normal weight

      7. Comparison of AUB prevalence and patterns of bleeding in patients with overweight and obese patients (BMI> 30)

8.To investigate the Psychological status of patients with hysterectomy due to abnormal bleeding in uterine

9.  To investigate the causes and patterns of abnormal bleeding in uterine at the ages of adolescence

10.To investigate thePrevalence and patterns of abnormal bleeding in uterine in patients with disorders in thyroid gland

11. To investigate the consequences of pregnancy and some risk factors in patients with bleeding in the second and third last three months with the diagnosis ofPlacenta previa

12. To investigate the of histopathological findings of the endometrial diagnostic curettage in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding

.13   To investigate the clinical symptoms and pathological reports of gynecologic pelvic masses


14. To investigate the quality of life in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding

15.   To investigate the depression in IVF infertility patients referred to Imam Ali Hospital in Semnan

16.   Comparison of suppository Misoprostol with Transegzamic acid in preventing bleeding after elective cesarean

17. To investigate the histopathology results of endometrial polyps after hysterectomy in some of the possible risk factors

 18.  To investigate the effect of oral Metformine in treating the proliferative disease ofendometrium

19. To investigate the consequences of the next pregnancy following the ectopic pregnancy ( re-EP infertility)

20. To investigate the effect of mulyze during the laparoscopic surgery on the size of myoma and the symptoms in patients with uterine fibroidsbleeding        


Members of the Research Center of abnormal uterine                      

1. Dr Sanam Moradan

2. Dr Azam Azargoon

3. Dr Mojgan Rahmaniyan

4. Dr Elham Safarieh

5. Dr Shahrzad Agha Amoo

6. Dr Najmeh Fayez

7. Dr Nahid Rahbar

8. Dr Jamile Moghimi

9. Dr Farahnaz ghahramanfard

10. Dr Banafsheh Shahnazari

11. Dr Mohammad Frouzesh

12. Dr Babak Hosseinzadeh

13. Drehpour Yousefi

14. Dr Behnaz Behnam

15. Dr Nemat Sotoudeh


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Head of this center
Dr. Sanam Moradan
M.D Obstetrics and Gynecology