Dr. Majid Mirmohammadkhani

Eligible experts of this deputy work and cooperate together to perform mentioned responsibilities.


At first the follow-up of the research affairs of the university has been a part of the Educational and Research Deputy of the university. Yet, it has been separated to two deputies – Deputy of Educational Affairs and Deputy of Research and Technology since the end of April 2018.

Currently, Research Development Management and Evaluation and Coordination of university Research Centers, Information Management and Research Network, Health Technology Development, Student Research Committee, Central Library, Scientific Research Journals Office, and Relation with Industry Office, Kosar Hospital Clinical Research Development Center, Amir-Momenin Hospital Clinical Research Development CenterDepartment of Scientometrics


are Departments supervised by this deputy.

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Believing that human beings are axis of development, we wish to expand research in the region by using applied research and interventions, in cooperation with other external institutions, to provide opportunities for improving lifestyles and to expand scientific boundaries by producing basic knowledge.


We aim to develop research in order to improve health, produce knowledge and expand the frontiers of science using applied research and interventions, in cooperation with other external institutions in the society of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and basic research with the participation of interested groups, using appropriate technology. We try to pay attention to the cultural and religious values of the people, preserve human dignity by believing that a healthy person is the axis of development. More about Strategic aims