Research center of nervous system stem cells in the nervous system

The center is located in the 5Th km of the road of Semnan-Damghan and in the university campus. It has various sectors including laboratories ofextraction and isolation of stem cells, cultured and passaged cells and tissues, microinjection, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence, histotechnique and histomorphometry, conference hall and library. It works in the various fields of stem cells and molecular cell biology. The professors of this center cooperate with the post graduate students in the research projects in the field of embryonic and adult stem cells, embryo culture and cellular molecular biology.




1) Development and application of human knowledge in the field of stem cell sciences, especially in the area of the nervous system

2) To carry out the basic and clinical epidemiologic research to reform the country's health care system to meet the needs of the Muslim community

3) Training the efficient researchers on the field of stem cells

4)  To promote the quality and quantity of researches related to the basic medical sciences and directing them towards the challenges in treatment

5) Having attempt to collaborate with the research centers throughout the country

6) Scientific cooperation with research and educational centers of countries and international organizations considering the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

7) To encourage the researchers in the field of stem cells

8)  To gather, compiling and classifying the documents, data, papers and related documents to publish them

These activities are conducted to expand the frontiers of knowledge, innovation and setting up new methods of research, expansion of scientific cooperation with other centers both inside and outside the country and with national priorities in the field of training  the skillful people to create the conditions for scientific and economic development.




It works in two areas including stem cells, neurobiology, cell and tissue culture, tissue engineering, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, immunohistochemistry and molecular biology, biology of fertility and infertility and training the efficient human resources.


Head of this center
Dr. Marjan bahrami nasab
Ph.D Biomaterials engineering