Cancer Research Center (CRC)


Cancer is one of the main causes of mortality in the world.  Cancer after Cardiovascular diseases is the second and common cause of mortality in the developed countries and is the third one in the less developed countries; it kills people more than the diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria. If the preventive measures are not taken in the next 10 years, more than 85 million people will die. In Iran, it is the third cause of mortality and every year more than 30,000 people lose their lives due to cancer. By increasing the life expectancy, the elderly people, medical technology, and lack of having the healthy life and clean environment, industrial pollutants and carcinogens, it is expected that the incidence of cancer is doubled during the next two decades. As predicted by the World Health Organization, the number of cancer cases will be reached to 86000 until 2021 in total population and the mortality rate resulted from cancer will be approximately 63,000, so the particular attention should be paid.

The Cancer Research Center in Semnan University of Medical Sciences has provided a comprehensive strategic plan at the basic and clinical cancer problem throughout the country. It also reviews the activities of research centers in previous years and designs a new process, and organizes all projects in basic, clinical, epidemiological and demographic studies about cancer.

Cancer Research Center was established on 26th March 2014 and it was awarded the approval from the Deputy of Research and Technology; Ministry of Health.



The fight against cancer is the aim of any research center. CRC hopes, researchers caneradicate cancer through cooperation by using the latest scientific achievements in basic and clinical sciences and the components of cancer control (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care-rehabilitation).It is hoped that theCRCcan conduct the fundamental research in the fields of epidemiology, biology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and promotes the scientific and practical knowledge of all members of CRCin order to provide the best services of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Also, we hope that it can take the steps to reach the overall goal, to improve the knowledge of cancer and cancer-related questions.


The general goal:

 Improving the knowledge about cancer

Quantitative Goals:

1. Promoting the understanding level of cancer epidemiology

2. Promoting the understanding of the epidemiology of the common cancers in the world and in Iran

3. Promoting the level of etiologic factors of cancer

4- Promoting the ways of reducing the prevalence of cancer

5. Promoting the knowledge level for cancer treatment

6. Improving the patient’s quality of life during the proven stage, before and after treatment

7. Educating people through healthy nutrition, avoidance of risk factors, yearly diagnostic tests, regular screening and follow - up for diagnosis and treatment

8. Promoting the medical knowledge about cancer at the medical universities across the country

In order to achieve these goals, doing the extensive research to identify the risk factors and inhibitors of cancer, identifying the effective factors on the early diagnosis, treatment and also training related to how to care the patients and general trainings for community are necessary. The main duty of CRC is to collect the academic resources and concentrating them for future decision-making. CRC in Semnan University of Medical Sciences also identifies the research areas in consultation with the academic professors and will present the executive and research strategies effective in reducing mortality rate resulted from cancer and new cancer treatment methods.

Research and future plans which is being implemented by Cancer Research Center:

- Semnan University of Medical Sciences Cancer Research Centre is going to do over a 5-year program (2014-2019) and to conduct ten research projects  along with publishing twenty papers in prestigious journals throughout the world.

Implementing the registry of CRCis on the basis ofthe agreement signed with the Deputy of Research at Cancer ResearchCenter in Cancer Institute on the order of the Research and IT Deputy at Ministry of Health. Hospital cancer registry system is an organized collection which gathers the clinical uniform information on the basis of the different methods of observation and the clinical information related to each group of the kinds of the common cancers that are registered in the standardized and similar forms and is being currently implemented in a limited number of provinces.

 Implementing thePublic education program about breast cancer and breast cancer screening in Semnan

Members of the CRC:

Founding Members at Cancer Research Center include:


Parviz Kokhaei (Head of the Centre), PhD, Professor of Immunology

F. Ghahremanfard, MD, Oncologist, Associate Professor

SetarehSoltani, MD, Associate Professor in Surgery

Hadi Hassan Zadeh, PhD, Assistant Professor in Medical Physics

MohammadForuzeshfard, MD, Associate Professor in Anesthesiology

The other future plans and follow-up programs include:


- Admitting the   PhD student by research at CRC


- Public education on cancer; prevention, Diagnosis and treatment


Other members of the CRC:


Sabahat Haghi, MD, Assistant professor in Hematology and Oncology

Bahador Bagheri, Assistant Professor in Pharmacology

Mohssen Pourazizi, Resident in Ophthalmology

Jafar Allawi Tousi, pathology researcher

Abdolkarim Sheikhi, Professor in Immunology

Officers at CRC:

 Mehrnoush Pashaie, MSc. in Immunology


Head of this center
Dr. Parviz Kokhaei
Ph.D Immunology