Core Research Laboratory

Semnan University of Medical Science (SEMUMS) supports a numbers of shared facilities, instruments and services for researchers and students through the Core Research Laboratory (CRL). The CRL was established in the central educational campus with collaboration and financial support from the ministry of health's research deputy on April 5, 2016. The CRL aims to provide economical and efficient services that are available to all researchers on the campus. We are continually providing appropriate foundation for creation and development in basic science research. Moreover, we are providing new research capacities which focus on collaborative services approach, including: faculty members, postgraduate students for their research projects 24 hour a day.

In addition, the following workshops have been provided.

1)      Real Time PCR

2)      HPLC

3)      Cell Culture

4)      TLD Dosimetry

5)      TOF Analysis

6)      Small Animal Imaging

 General workshops are holding for students as follows:

1)      Animal Care in Medical Researches

2)      Firefighting Training

3)      Biosafety in Laboratory

4)      First Aid Training

 The CRL is equipped for the following areas:

1)      TLD

2)      PCR

3)      Imaging

4)      Bio-AFM

5)      Microbiology

6)      Extraction

7)      Cold Room

8)      Weighting

9)       Sterilization

10)   General Laboratory

11)   Spectrophotometry

12)   Electrophoresis

13)   HPLC

14)   Flow Cytometry

15)   IMS-TOF

16)   Optics & Laser

17)   Cell Culture

18)   Animal House

19)   Fermentation

20)   GC-Mass

21)   Core Rehabilitation

In order to receive the professional laboratory services, requested forms should be filled and submitted to the CRL via email ( or delivered by hand to the CRL office.

For more information, contact CRL'sofficers at +98 23 3365 4202.


This laboratory aims to receive ISO standards and achieve an acceptable level in providing research services in country and attain a comprehensive regional research lab.

(Translated by:Core Research Laboratory supervisors)

Core Research Laboratory