Head of the Center

Dr. Hamid Madanchi 



Experts of the Center

The Core research laboratory of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services was established by the Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology of the University in order to provide specialized laboratory services and the possibility of advancing research projects.The laboratory was officially inaugurated on Tuesday 5 April 2016, in the presence of Dr. Malekzadeh, Honorable Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry.

Introduction of the Core Research Laboratory

Core Research Laboratory of SEMUMS was established by the Deputy of Research and Technology to strengthen and develop a network approach in the field of laboratory activities, provide specialized laboratory services, provide the possibility of advancing research projects for the use of faculty members, researchers and students. More...


  • Providing services and increasing productivity in the field of meeting research needs and providing research and instrumental services at the specialized level in Semnan University of Medical Sciences, other universities and research centers.
  • Providing consulting and specialized services to other laboratories.
  • Strengthening and developing a networked approach to research-related laboratory activities
  • More...

Research priorities

  • Providing services to university applicants and other universities should be done with prior coordination and prioritization.
  • Determining the tariff related to each service based on the type of service, time spent, the cost of consumables and device maintenance through the Deputy of Research and Technology
  • Depositing the relevant fee to the account of the Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology of the University before performing the test and submitting the deposit receipt along with the request of performing the test to the laboratory.

Regulation of the Site

Features and capabilities

  • Device service
  • Provide laboratory space (Bench)
  • Holding training workshops
  • Cell Bank



Aghmari Laboratories

Internal laboratories include:

  • PCR, Real time
  • Imaging Laboratory
  • TLD
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Essence extraction laboratory
  • Cold Room
  • Weighing laboratory
  • Sterilization laboratory
  • General laboratory
  • Spectrophotometric laboratory
  • Electrophoresis Laboratory
  • Optics and laser laboratory
  • Clean Room
  • Fermentation Lab

Work Process...

Work Time...

Members of Strategic Council...

Scientific- Technical Council of the Center...

Address: Core Research Laboratory, Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, 5- kilometer Damghan Road, Semnan, Iran

Website: http://crl.semums.ac.ir

Email: sbb.crl@semums.ac.ir

Telephone: 023- 33654202

Fax: 023- 33654202